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Iako Covers Holopuni OC3 Outrigger Canoe
iako cover detail side span

I'ako are the outrigger "spars" that connect the hull to the Amas
A full Set of Iako covers for the sailing set up are done in four pieces. The four piece sailing set up provides Iako covers both port and starboard which connect to each other at the center of the hull with protected velcro. They can also be used separately for a paddling set up. The Iako covers go over the top and both sides and are deep enough to velcro together at the bottom and hold the covers securely in place. Trimmed out with Sunbrella trim.

Note: Pictured I'ako are pulled back from the hull and amas so you can see that they are individual pieces. Properly fastened and stretched over the Iako length, they provide excellent protection and a clean profile.
Iako covers: Priced per piece. (Four pc. for Holopuni sailing set up and two pc. for paddling set up). Custom Iako covers for other boats will vary in price.
Pictured Color: Persian Teal
Call for Pricing

iako cover detail ama side end
iako cover detail velcro fastener
iako cover detail grommet

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